Skeyndor Professional

Skeyndor is based on 38 years of research resulting in an advanced skin care range formulated using only biotechnological, marine and plant ingredients. This is a results driven product using patented ingredients to provide the highest quality in advanced and leading edge skin and body treatments, supplied only through spas and beauty salons.

SKEYNDOR range offers wide range of products, starting from essential care and skin brightening to the most advanced products for anti aging, skin repair and rejuvenation. All the treatments are created for professional procedures in salon and are supported by products for home care use, which maintain the results for longer duration.

Skeyndor’s innovative activities are reflected in its broad range of products which include the most advanced anti-age face treatments, Global Lift, Eternal or Corrective; preventive treatments (Power Oxygen); luminosity treatments (Power C+, Natural Defence); renovating treatments (Power Retinol, Dermapeel Pro); skin blemish prevention treatments (Dermapeel Brightening); oily skin treatments (Clear Balance); essential care treatments (Essential), sensitive skin treatments (Aquatherm) and moisturising treatments (Power Hyaluronic).

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