Interview with founder of Three Warriors Organic Tan, Corbin Halliday

“In Australia, there is one luxury brand leading the way... Introducing ​Three Warriors​, the organic tan brand currently shaking up the beauty industry by taking the ‘fake’ out of ‘fake tan’ and bringing ‘natural’ (i.e. plant-based) tanning agents back into bodies and shelves.

WIth unique plant-based formulations sourced directly from mother nature, ​Three Warriors​ infuse ​natural minerals and botanicals from the pristine shores of island state Tasmania that both ​nourish and hydrate ​skin while eliciting a sun-kissed glow (thanks to key ingredients including avocado oil, aloe vera and chamomile extract).

With an award-winning status and gold star certifications as: ​‘Certified Organic,’ ‘Certified Vegan,’ ‘Toxic-Free’ and ‘Cruelty-Free,’ ​the brand is fast gaining a cult celebrity following ​with natural beauties such as Ashley Hart and Sam Frost crediting the tan for boosting their‘ girl next door’ glow, and industry iconics such as Nourished Life founder Irene Falcone endorsing the brand.

Founded by millennial Corbin Halliday, ​Three Warriors​ is an 100 percent Australian owned company that’s story and intentions are ingrained in serving a higher purpose - to provide a luxury glow minus the chemical guilt and with an ethical and health conscious ethos. 

Q&A Three Warriors Founder Corbin Halliday

Q: Who’s Three Warriors formulated for?

A: Our Three Warriors self-tanning range caters for every body’s needs… The Gradual Tan Lotion was created for the people who have dry skin and normally moisturise everyday so they can control an even-toned, natural-looking tan.

The Self-Tanning Mousse I created for the people who like to be instantly tanned. The Mousse can be left on, or rinsed off after a period of time; 1 hour for being light tanned, 3 hours for the darker tan.

Q: What is your personal favourite from the range and why?

A: Personally I love the spray tan solution… This was the first product I formulated for myself.

I have very pale skin, so I wanted a spray tan that was fast developing and that left a deep, natural, cool-toned colour on my skin.

Q: What’s the major source of inspiration for creating Three Warriors?

A: My health journey through being sick from chemical exposure was a huge part of creating Three Warriors. The social enterprise is also a huge inspiration, being able to help other people in the world struggling or lacking resources.

Q: Finally, what do you enjoy the most about being an organic skincare entrepreneur?

A: The best part about my job is when a customer gets in contact with me telling me that they had never used self-tanning products before, and that it has changed the way the look and feel about themselves. I think that is a really rewarding part of the company. Also knowing that I am giving someone in rural parts of India access to water every time we sell a product.