Scrummi Towels


What is Scrummi?

Scrummi Spa biodegradable towelling is made up of a collection of products designed to be used in harmony with your current treatment setup.

Every human activity has an impact on our planet, It is Scrummi’s mission to minimise this impact at every stage of our product’s lifecycle.

Our professional waffle-textured absorbent towels are warm, soft and chemical free. Made from soft and natural wood fibres selected from sustainable forestry programmes, where for every one tree that is harvested 3 trees are planted in its place. These sheets can be disposed of safe in the knowledge that they will biodegrade in just 8-12 weeks.

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Treatments with Scrummi

Scrummi Spa products are designed to help you reduce your laundry wherever possible across a range of treatments. By using our Spa products you can raise your hygiene levels while adding an extra level of comfort and luxury.


scrummi massage

From full body and back massage through to sports and deep tissue massages, this treatment can be improved with a range of Scrummi Spa products. Use our Scrummi Couch Protector to lay over your bed or couch, this protector contains water resistant fibres do prevent any damage caused by oils and spills.

In turn, lay a cotton towel over the protector to provide a soft layer. Either use a Scrummi Spa Sheet with Hole to lay over the towel and the head rest or our Spa Sheet, these sheets provide a soft and hygienic layer between your towel and the client.

Have a second towel turned back and ready on the couch with a Scrummi Spa Body Towel or a second Spa Sheet laid under the towel. This way, when your client lays face down on the couch and the towel is pulled over their back they will only ever be in contact with our Scrummi Spa Sheets. Our luxurious waffle textured Spa Sheets will help retain the heat, and always be a lot softer than a cotton towel.

Body Treatment (Wrap, Scrub, Mud, Weight Loss)

wrap scrummi

Traditional wrap treatments often use Polyethylene wraps or Mylar foil wraps, these  are noisy and uncomfortable to use, and of course, these wrap sheets do not biodegrade. The brand new Scrummi Spa Wrap Sheets are perfect for these types of treatment.

Set up your couch as in a massage setup (above) using our Scrummi Spa Couch Protector with a cotton towel and then use our new Scrummi Spa Wrap Sheet over the top, allow half of the Wrap sheet to hang over the side of the couch. When your client lays down you can then use the sheet to completely wrap them after creams or specific treatments have been applied. You may then place another towel over if you so wish to help retain any heat. The Scrummi Spa Wrap Sheet will form a hygienic, soft and luxurious barrier between your client and your cotton towelling.


scrummi facial

Set up your couch as before with the Scrummi Spa Couch Protector, cotton towel for added comfort and our Scrummi Spa Sheet

Use a Scrummi Spa Body Tower underneath a second cotton towel over your client to cover their modesty as well as keep them warm and comfortable.Once your client is in position and comfortable our Scrummi Spa Adjustable Headbands to keep their hair from the face. You can then apply any creams, cleansers and tonics using our Scrummi Spa Waffle Textured Bio Mitts.